Posted May 16, 2009 by twotanks
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I am surprised how far General Purpose GPU has come the last year.  One 100 dollar, 2 year old graphics card is beating the pants off of my new 4 core AMD Processor on BLAS and FFT benchmarks.  And it has Python, Java, and Matlab ports!

What a year

Posted February 17, 2009 by twotanks
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Wow I am really lazy.  Still have a job.  Doing something I love.  What a deal.


Work rocks

Posted April 19, 2008 by twotanks
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Wow, the reason I haven’t blogged in a while.  I am lazy.

Work rocks.  Frankly this is my dream job.  Cutting edge science, superiors that let you develop/engineer your most cutting edge ideas, and I am only 27.  What a great time to be an engineer.

Freenet Peers

Posted December 4, 2007 by twotanks
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Just installed Freenet, and looking for some peers.  Anyone want to volunteer?

Ubuntu 64 bit is awesome!

Posted October 19, 2007 by twotanks
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I tried to go 64 bit only when fiesty came out. No could do.

Gibbon is down right awesome. I haven’t installed “every” program I use, but it is miles ahead of 64 bit feisty. A keeper for sure.

Well done!!

Would Walmart by Ebay for its credit cards/Paypal?

Posted October 11, 2007 by twotanks
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Something Cramer said tonight sparked my interest…

Google search result critique

Posted August 10, 2007 by twotanks
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I use Google pretty extensively for my research at work (100+ searches a day).  I have noticed lately that a lot of the first page items are patents.  This is crap to me, and has driven me to put -patents in the search every time I search to make sure I don’t get patents in the results.

Google, if you are reading, please fix this.

Getting pBlazIDE to work on Ubuntu

Posted July 15, 2007 by twotanks
Categories: FPGA

I like to write my picoblaze code in Mediatronix’s pBlazIDE. I recently upgraded to Feisty Fawn and the default wine config breaks pBlazIDE from opening correctly. So I took and afternoon to figure it out.

First install wine via Synaptic or apt-get.

Then run winecfg.

Under the grapfic’s tab click on the option to select open in a new window (Emulate a Virtual Desktop) and then set the size of the screen you want pBlazIDE to open in.

Run wine pBlazIDE.exe and it should work.

New Computer – Dual Socket F

Posted July 1, 2007 by twotanks
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Just got done building my next new computer. I settled on an AMD based dual socket server motherboard. I figure I can spend money on new cpu’s for the next 4 years (Barcelona). For now I only have the slowest 2000 series dual core Opteron. With extra dvd drives, hard drives laying around I was able to pay 360 bucks for a super-micro dual socket board, and the whole system only cost (so far) 900 dollars.

Boy, am I happy with it. It started up first try, runs cool, and kicks my poor althon xp 3200 in the but.

The only problem that I have had is running 64 bit Linux. I tried to run Ubuntu 64 bit. After a week, I gave up, I don’t give up easily, their was just too much missing from 64 bit to make it worth it. I ran the wrappers for firefox plugin, compiled my nvidia drivers… etc.. I guess I just use too many programs that are 32 bit only so far. Xilinx IDE, various Google programs, printing, I gave up. I saved a chunck of my hard drive to try again in the fall, and I am hopeful.

So I am sitting here, staring at my 6 memory slots, 1 cpu socket, 2nd x16 pci express slot, and 5 sata connectors dreaming of the day when I afford to populate them all.

New Job

Posted June 17, 2007 by twotanks
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Got a new job doing laser stuff.