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More evidence that global warming is just a THEORY

March 15, 2006

Just wanted to drop this article that I found. I think it is funny that we try to predict the weather for the next 100 years when I still don’t know what the high temperature on Friday will be. People! Global warming is a theory, not to say we should worry about spewing CO2 into the atmosphere at a rate never before seen in human history. The data just isn’t complete enough to draw any firm conclusions, especially when a volcano in the middle of nowhere could erupt and plunge the earth into an ice age at any minute. More and more I am subscribing to the THEORY that the earth/mother nature is controlling us, not the other way around.


Venturing Out

March 13, 2006

So, I guess there has to be a first time. Up until this last week, I had left the office to visit customers/vendors exactly zero times. All of my limited experience up to this point was meetings with partners. People and organizations that I could be completely frank with at every turn. I had not thought about the fact that one day I may have to hold back on information with conversing with a vendor.

A couple of weeks ago I had setup a meeting with a vendor to discus there specialty in relation to research I am doing. Nothing special, they know how to make widgets REALLY well and I know next to nothing about widgets. The meeting is somewhere between fact finding and a probe to see if they can help my company make a bigger widget. Everything is fine when I travel to see them with a fellow coworker in a similar interests but he has considerably more experience.

Unfortunately, it first hit me when we finally sat down at the conference table to talk. I froze. What could I say or not say? I panicked. Nothing would come out of my mouth. Thankfully by coworker was able to pick it up. I had never thought about what “story” I was going to use to dance around the fact that I needed some information from these guys, but could not tell them the real reason why I needed due to the fact that this information was considered a company secret and a competitive advantage.

The meeting was a success even though my lack of experience would have ruined it. My coworker’s experience proved a great learning experience in finding something common to start out with and then directing the conversation to the widget we needed and the modifications we wanted. Welcome to the world of NDA’s (Non Discloser Agreements) and clever ways of dancing around subjects. An area this young engineer will have to get better at, fast.

Gilmore Gang Critique

March 11, 2006

For those not familiar with the podcast The Gilmore Gang. It is a podcast or audio show that is much like a radio talk show with no commercials (usually) and broadcast over the internet. I started listening to the Gilmore Gang about 6 months ago, and at the time thought it was the coolest thing on earth. Here were these connected, intelligent guys talking about cutting edge tech stuff in a random way. I rapidly attempted to listen to as many of the older podcasts and learned a great deal about technology and more specifically the net in a short amount of time with not only there commentary on current events at the time, but also there references to good books and websites. A gold mine!

But lately I have become frustrated with Steve Gilmore, the “leader” of the group. For one he cuts people off. I will sit and listen to a guest on the show for whom we will only get to listen to once a year at best and then Steve will cut him off on every other sentence. Is that a way to treat a guest? I find myself cursing Steve to let the guest finish their point. Next the focus of the conversations always seems to funnel into two or three themes that Steve is fond of. OK Ok after 5 or 6 shows we understand, find some new themes or get out of the way of your gang and the guest.

I don’t produce a podcast, so I do not know how one is run, but from a listener’s perspective, please Steve, less is more.

I still recommend the show. Especially the older podcasts, they have very good material on stuff to watch and learn on the net and in technology in general.