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Troubling Signs

September 24, 2006

Ok so I have been working for over a year now. Yeah… ONLY 39+ to go… So after 14 months what is bothering me the most tonight? Rich Baby Boomer entitlement.

So I’m sitting at my desk and “Joe” is talking with his fiend about retirement in 3 months in the next cube. And what is Joe pissed about? Mandatory distributions from his half million dollar 401k. Seems as though the tax break and matching funds that our employer has given him is not enough. He thinks that we all owe him another one. He thinks that he should be able to keep his hord in the plan and take it out as slow as he wants to avoid taxes agian.

Man, I wanted to scream. I think it is partially the sum of money, and the fact that he was COMPLAINING about how this loophole is not BIG enough for him. For people who don’t get 401k’s, saving after taxes is all they have and JOE thinks that he should be able to skirt taxes again.

I hope I don’t become as ungrateful as Joe.

Number two on my list is “Big Baby” Boomers with 6 figure incomes complaining that their drugs are not free and that the US government should pay for it… I mean WE should pay for his drugs. Did I mention 6 figure salary?

The company recently had a politician come in and speak to us about… well… him. What is the first question? Iraq? Debt? Education? Health Care? Jobs? NOPE

Why did the recently passed medicare bill not cover his drugs completely?

The politician, with some skill, noted that the Medicaid bill was ment to completely cover drugs for seniors that were POOR. Not working 60 somethings with 6 figure incomes! The gall of this guy. I sure hope that his opinion was not shared by all boomers.  I am not saying drugs are priced correctly, just that of all people he should be about to pay for them.
I have read numerous places that my generation is often labled as “entitled” and that we expect too much too early. Well, after these fine examples the last couple of months that is exactly how I would label boomers.

Now I can sleep.

That is it. No more Windows.

September 22, 2006

After 4 years of diligence, anti virus, anti spyware, spam, pop ups, I have HAD IT!!!! I got a trojan that, for the life of me, I cannot get rid of.

I was planning on moving to Linux only when I built my new machine this spring, but this is the last straw. I converted to Linux two nights ago and am NOT looking back. I have had it. (did i say that already?) No more virus, a lot less pop-ups.

I have been using Gentoo to run my servers. But I have been reading some good reviews about Ubuntu and so far I am impressed. It took 30 minutes to install and works great!

I am sure I will be updating my Linux experience in the future. I bet that not “every” app I use has a linux counterpart. So far so good on gnucash, NFS, firefox, gimp, xilinx webpack, eclipse, bluefish,, jrisk, matlab, picasa, vlc, azureus, …

Two days later, I feel so much more… free. Less worring about virus definitions and the latest explODER vulnerability.