Ubuntu 64 bit is awesome!

I tried to go 64 bit only when fiesty came out. No could do.

Gibbon is down right awesome. I haven’t installed “every” program I use, but it is miles ahead of 64 bit feisty. A keeper for sure.

Well done!!

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2 Comments on “Ubuntu 64 bit is awesome!”

  1. Don Says:

    Hey! Are you running from the system you built when you posted? https://twotanks.wordpress.com/2007/07/01/new-computer-dual-socket-f/

    Do you mind sharing the exact specs/models and where you got all the parts for 900? Thanks!

  2. Corey Says:

    I sure am! I used a Supermicro H8DA3i-2. I am not sure that it is still available. I used 2 gigs of registered buffered ram (cheapest that I could find). A 2212 Opteron processor, a 8600 GTS for the graphics, and as i said in the post a lot of used parts. Oh and I found a deal on a cheapo case that came with a power supply. I bought everything for the inital server for at Newegg. No problems so far with ubuntu 64. I just reformated and installed 8.04 and moved my two websites and all of my math programs over. The machine also serves as a file server for the house and a proxy/dns/firewall for the rest of the machines in the house. I love it. I am drooling over the new 4 core barcelonas and 4G of memory to populate the second socket so I can run my math programs faster

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