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May 16, 2009

I am surprised how far General Purpose GPU has come the last year.  One 100 dollar, 2 year old graphics card is beating the pants off of my new 4 core AMD Processor on BLAS and FFT benchmarks.  And it has Python, Java, and Matlab ports!


Getting pBlazIDE to work on Ubuntu

July 15, 2007

I like to write my picoblaze code in Mediatronix’s pBlazIDE. I recently upgraded to Feisty Fawn and the default wine config breaks pBlazIDE from opening correctly. So I took and afternoon to figure it out.

First install wine via Synaptic or apt-get.

Then run winecfg.

Under the grapfic’s tab click on the option to select open in a new window (Emulate a Virtual Desktop) and then set the size of the screen you want pBlazIDE to open in.

Run wine pBlazIDE.exe and it should work.

FPGA success

March 6, 2007

So Finally!!! I have a working FPGA!! I am using 57% of the slices in the LX25 at 200MHz and she is running hot. Had to hurry and find a small heat sink. It took longer than I thought but progress is very fast now that I have a way to debug with a serial connection and a picoblaze on board monitoring what is going on!! It only took me 8 months to communicate ANYTHING with it (sarcasm), and another 2 to produce a design that produced real and useful data. Now I am having a ball trying to get it to go faster and faster with clock speeds and design (pipelineing). Every free moment I am dreaming up stuff to put on the thing.

Once, I get to version 1 of the design I will post it. I already have my first picoblaze/serial connection design posted on my personal web page.

It’s Alive, ALIVE!!

July 15, 2006

Finally after 3 months my baby can do more than count. A couple days ago I got it to talk to my PC via serial port. I was delayed because I started out trying to tackle USB right away. UART and the serial interface is much easier. Here is my page on the project and my code.