Getting pBlazIDE to work on Ubuntu

Posted July 15, 2007 by twotanks
Categories: FPGA

I like to write my picoblaze code in Mediatronix’s pBlazIDE. I recently upgraded to Feisty Fawn and the default wine config breaks pBlazIDE from opening correctly. So I took and afternoon to figure it out.

First install wine via Synaptic or apt-get.

Then run winecfg.

Under the grapfic’s tab click on the option to select open in a new window (Emulate a Virtual Desktop) and then set the size of the screen you want pBlazIDE to open in.

Run wine pBlazIDE.exe and it should work.


New Computer – Dual Socket F

Posted July 1, 2007 by twotanks
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Just got done building my next new computer. I settled on an AMD based dual socket server motherboard. I figure I can spend money on new cpu’s for the next 4 years (Barcelona). For now I only have the slowest 2000 series dual core Opteron. With extra dvd drives, hard drives laying around I was able to pay 360 bucks for a super-micro dual socket board, and the whole system only cost (so far) 900 dollars.

Boy, am I happy with it. It started up first try, runs cool, and kicks my poor althon xp 3200 in the but.

The only problem that I have had is running 64 bit Linux. I tried to run Ubuntu 64 bit. After a week, I gave up, I don’t give up easily, their was just too much missing from 64 bit to make it worth it. I ran the wrappers for firefox plugin, compiled my nvidia drivers… etc.. I guess I just use too many programs that are 32 bit only so far. Xilinx IDE, various Google programs, printing, I gave up. I saved a chunck of my hard drive to try again in the fall, and I am hopeful.

So I am sitting here, staring at my 6 memory slots, 1 cpu socket, 2nd x16 pci express slot, and 5 sata connectors dreaming of the day when I afford to populate them all.

New Job

Posted June 17, 2007 by twotanks
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Got a new job doing laser stuff.

Google Charts

Posted April 18, 2007 by twotanks
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Am I the only one who has Charting capabilities in Google Spreadsheets this morning?

Mechanical Turk

Posted March 30, 2007 by twotanks
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So I was checking out Amazons Mechanical Turk. Where you can perform tasks like dictation and image recognition that are hard for computers and then earn pennies. Kinda cool, one “HIT” even went as far to pay a dollar to just put a link to a certain website up.

There, I made a buck. Life is awesome huh?

FPGA success

Posted March 6, 2007 by twotanks
Categories: FPGA

So Finally!!! I have a working FPGA!! I am using 57% of the slices in the LX25 at 200MHz and she is running hot. Had to hurry and find a small heat sink. It took longer than I thought but progress is very fast now that I have a way to debug with a serial connection and a picoblaze on board monitoring what is going on!! It only took me 8 months to communicate ANYTHING with it (sarcasm), and another 2 to produce a design that produced real and useful data. Now I am having a ball trying to get it to go faster and faster with clock speeds and design (pipelineing). Every free moment I am dreaming up stuff to put on the thing.

Once, I get to version 1 of the design I will post it. I already have my first picoblaze/serial connection design posted on my personal web page.


Posted January 23, 2007 by twotanks
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I got a beta test account with new Joost online TV formally known as The Venice Project. My vote is in. It is quite good! I can’t wait for the Linux version to come out. Oh and I converted my sister to Linux (Ubuntu). Two down thousands to go.